Chris Bennett, Founder, President

Chris has spent 20 years pursuing the dream of Starlite. After reading a Newsweek Magazine article about Maurice Ward and his miraculous invention, he searched the internet, found the inventor, contacted him, and soon was flying to England for a meeting. Maurice and Chris became friends, and they worked together for the next 17 years, until Maurice's unfortunate passing. Since then Chris has been  working with Maurice's daughters to  realize the dream of Starlite, and a safer world where burn injuries and deaths are greatly reduced. 


Nicky Ward McDermott, Founder, Vice-President

Nicky has extensive experience with Starlite, she is also a swimming coach for children. Her father was the inventor, Maurice Ward.


General George Demos, a long time friend who has been witnessing our efforts for 15 years,. He was a teacher to Congressman Dana Rohrabacher at California State University in Long Beach, and helped introduce Chris to Rohrabacher ten or so years ago. Together  we have attempted to contact the Congressman, who is George's representative, but his staff has always turned us away. Rohrabacher is on the committe which oversees NASA, so we are still hopefull that he will come around and pay attention to this potentially iife saving technology. 

More about George:

Professor at California State University, Long Beach

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